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Who is Tracy M. Ross

Tracy is a daughter, sister, auntie and friend who loves the Lord. She's passionate about encouraging girls and women to be the best version of themselves, to know their worth and to always remember that with God ALL things are possible!

How She Started 3inspirations

One evening, in 2007, Tracy was traveling home from a business trip, when she had an experience that changed her life forever.  It was through that experience that 3inspirations was born!  

Although Tracy had always been successful in Corporate America, she often found herself struggling to find balance and happiness in her personal life.  This struggle led to failed relationships, insecurities, and bouts of depression.  On that night in 2007 after an intense argument on the phone with her then boyfriend, Tracy literally cried out to God for help.  God's response was one that Tracy will never forget.  God instructed her to stop crying, to trust Him and to know that Jesus was her man.  There was no need to continue to cry or hurt when Jesus loved her!  It was at that very moment, that God dried her eyes and gave her the vision to encourage others and help them to realize their worth as well.    

God gave Tracy the ability and the words to write, speak and create items that remind us all to Know, Trust and Believe in God's word.   In 2013, Tracy accepted God's assignment and created what she refers to as her "heart flow", and what the world now knows as 3inspirations!   In 2016, Tracy took a leap of faith, left Corporate America and is now walking in her Purpose and fulfilling God's will for her life with 3i. If you meet her, she will tell you that 3i is not her own.  The written words, the apparel designs, her social media posts...none of it is her.  She gives all credit to God and she prays that her obedience and acceptance of this incredible assignment will help encourage, inspire and empower each and every person she encounters; and even those she'll never have the pleasure to meet.   

Contact Tracy Ross

She would love to hear from you! Email her at: tracy@3inspirations.com